A new study out by Forrester seems to indicate that there's not enough people using location based services for marketers to bother with them right now. Although they also suggest that people should experiment with these tools as well.

Well, I also have a study (well, not a study really, just a discussion with some smart folks) that I believe shows something pretty significant:

Most marketers, if not all marketers, should use the tools that best engage their audience, whatever those tools are. They need to stop listening to the many reports out there and start listening to their guts and their customers.

As I wrote here, I think it's even more important to make sure you're looking at everything out there and experimenting with what's right for you.

It's also why it's so important for brands to have a clear understanding of what their story is and who their audience is. As I recently tweeted, without a strong story, you may get attention, but you rarely get engagement.

So read the reports and the studies and then determine what works best for you. Not everything is good for every brand. That's been true for many years. But knowledge and awareness of what's out there and how to best communicate with your audiences is critical to your success as a brand today.

Digital: Study Says Most Marketers Should Forgo Foursquare - Advertising Age - Digital.

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