Yahoo is out with a new study about the internet and WOM and here's the lead stat:

Most WOM is positive, and it still happens the old-fashioned way. Although some advertisers may fear negative WOM, research shows that 66% of brand references in WOM conversations are positive and only 8% are negative.

So where do these conversations take place? Despite the explosion of social media online, 76% of WOM conversations still take place face-to-face (Emphasis mine).

So, if 76% of WOM takes place face-to-face, then why is so much of our social media effort directed online? While putting efforts into creating fan pages and getting people to follow them on Twitter are important things, many brands ignore their physical locations? Remember the chart below that I posted from Paul Mcenany a while back?

If you're not out looking at how the conversation is starting at the point of interaction with your brand, you're missing the boat. You can't create good WOM program if your experience isn't worth it. Now, more then ever, brands need to think Oneline&trade. 


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