I missed this Del Webb survey that was published in April this year. Definitely worth a quick look, especially if you are in the US. Lots of charts and numbers.

There are three samples:

Younger Boomers turning 50 in 2010
Older Boomers turning 64 in 2010
Boomers who turned 50 in 1996 (who are now turning 64)
Current residents of Del Webb communities

I thought these two charts were of interest. I am not somebody who reads a great deal into the difference between perceived and actual age, however, it is interesting to see the consistency of these numbers.

I thought the extremes of behaviour about exercise were very illuminating. It has been my experience that one group of older people “get it” about exercise and another cannot be bothered. There is not much in between. Looks like the UK and the US are similar in that respect.

Image source:  nguyentrongdung

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