In our society FAIL is a four-letter word.

Yet, when I gave my CU Commencement Speech, Dare to Fail, I was blown away by the conversation it started. So many people reached out with stories of their own failures and the powerful things they learned. Failure is in the air.

I want to pour some gas on the fire. I’ve been approached by a couple of publishers to write a book about Daring to Fail and what you can learn from it.

Have you failed? I certainly have. Over and over again.

What better way to start the journey than to use the wisdom of the crowd. People’s stories are so powerful. To start the conversation, leave a comment here, write a blog post, tweet it or make a video and send me the link, answering these questions.

  1. Tell a story about a failure.
  2.  What did you learn?
  3.  How did it help you?
  4. How has it helped you to help others?

Let’s make this a big, cultural conversation. One that a book can emerge from that can inspire all of us to stop being afraid of failure and to share it and learn from it.

Thanks for participating.

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