Knowing that I was going to speak at two different events within a week of one another to distinctly different audiences needing to hear a similar message, I decided to craft one talk for both Supernova and Le Web. This talk is one of my more serious talks, looking at problematic practices in social media and inviting the audience to do something about it. Fundamentally, it's a talk about visibility... about our ability to see what's happening in the world thanks to the Internet. And about our needs to ask ourselves what kind of world we want to live in.

As always, I've made my crib available:

"Do you See What I See?: Visibility of Practices through Social Media"

If you'd prefer to listen to what I actually said (since I'm terrible at sticking to the crib), you might want to check out the video from Le Web or the video from Supernova (with the beautifully complementary talk by Adam Greenfield). Enjoy!

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