We’re starting to experiment with something new at Futurelab which should make Chris Anderson proud. In the past, we have occasionally published reports on the things that were wrong in an industry or situation. But we got frustrated at ourselves because we felt like we were telling the patient that he was ill, yet didn’t provide the medicine. Especially as – because of all our research work and projects – we are sitting on more of that medicine than we can process.

So we decided to start giving it away. Not all of it - we have to make some sort of living :-) - yet enough for those who want to start curing themselves. Our first project in this direction is the report you can find below. It covers 7 New Profit Opportunities in Mobile Retail.

Based on a visual survey we have done in the Benelux, Germany, Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, we have asked our non-mobile retail specialists to look at the mobile retail situation. We did the trend analysis. Compared best practices. We talked to consumers. We organized an internal think tank. And rather than just say what is wrong, we formulated 7 pragmatic steps that anyone in mobile retailing can take to start improving the customer experience and profitability of their stores. And then we put it on this blog.

Which gets us to the second part of the experiment. There must be more than 7 new profit opportunities out there. And those we wrote down, should be open for improvement. So we want to invite you to do just that. Add to it, comment below,  mash up the report, criticize it. Everything is published under Creative Commons, so as long as you spell our name right and you keep sharing it for free, we’re cool.

Enjoy the read.


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