The last time I wrote about Nabisco’s Oreo brand, it was in Mega-Branding: The Purple Oreo Problem. In that post I was critical of the seemingly crazy proliferation of Oreo variations – 46 offerings, including “Purple.” My criticism was based on research showing that offering consumers too many choices can reduce sales.

Well, there are still lots and lots of Oreo varieties, but Nabisco is redeeming themselves in part by sending a strong brand message. The ad shown above has scored exceptionally well in viewer engagement according to Sands Research, a neuromarketing service provider:

The most noticeable aspect of this ad is the tightly coupled brain responses with the events of the advertisement. This ad was the highest recalled spot in the study and a high degree of attention was paid to the events of the subsequent appearance of the logo and product. The brand name ‘Oreo Cookie’ was the dominant response during the recall.

You can read more analysis from Sands and also see simultaneous brain activity recorded while viewing the commercial here.

What I like about this ad is not just that it grabs the viewer’s interest and sets them up for the Oreo punchline, but that it sends a message that is equally applicable to the dozens of Oreo variants. This really is magnetic branding.

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