AARP recently created this trade video as a mechanism for overcoming the objections it receives from prospective advertisers regarding the targeting of the 50-plus market.

The organisation hosted a forum of senior executives from major U.S. Corporations and asked them a variety of questions concerning why they do, and do not, target the 50-plus market. This was coordinated through the Effie Awards, where AARP Media Sales was sponsoring the “Boomer+ Ad Effectiveness Award.”

The video was created as a way to overcome the objections that AARP heard at the forum. It is sad to say but these objections to the older market have been around since I began writing my book and are identical to the ones I encountered in the UK.

It is astonishing that people are still coming out with these lame excuses.

The video running time is over 7 minutes, which is long, and it does try and answer too many questions and cover all of the bases. Having said that, it is an innovative way of conveying the message that AARP and I have been shouting for longer than I care to remember.

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