Open-source software is nothing new and I am a big fan. Open-source hardware is something new. A 15-employee New York start-up called Bug Labs is helping companies to build rapid prototypes to support development new business models. This is something we live and breathe at idea Couture, prototyping and power point are the 2Ps of our everyday work.

Hard ware is different from software in many aspects. But there is no reason why there can be an equivalent of Lego Techno that allows people to use for rapid prototyping. Get a box and choose from a menu of components including a GPS unit, a camera, a music player, an accelerometer, a motion detector, and a 3G connection, and now you can build your own Transformer.

Technology and outsourcing giant Accenture is teaming up with Bug Labs to offer hardware and software packages unique to each customer. For Accenture the payoff is in getting these buyers to subscribe to its new software platform, AMOS, or Accenture Mobility Operated Services. As for Bug Labs, its wager is that

Accenture will open doors to big companies that will put in multiple orders for its snap-together computerized gear. The advantage for would-be customers is that the hardware can be tailored to fit a company. Accenture's AMOS software can processes the information taken from Bug's devices. If a trucking company uses the fleet-tracking device, it could log onto the AMOS Web site that will produce mapped routes and pick up schedules. If a pop-ups store uses the device, it can provide info on traffic and sales etc.

This is a big move away from Accenture's consulting and outsourcing model.In the past, they typically waited for clients to come to them with specific business or system problems. Now they are actively pitching products and services to anyone. This Accenture’s new ventures do not charge clients a consultant fee and the fee is transaction-based. If you have 100 devices deployed and they will charge for the usages. Like a free phone and charge you for the minutes. This is a good example of industries are beginning to wake up to the needs for strategic agility.

Companies today need to move fast to take advantage of disruptive opportunities; it is the only way a company can learn to thrive on multiple waves of disruptions. Anticipating change, seeing emerging opportunities and prototyping are all about the capacity for learning and is something every company needs. Prototyping is a powerful too to provide a company the ability to respond to complex and unpredictable marketing conditions.

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