A couple of years overdue, and a few months late (as these things always seem to go), we are proud to put our new site in public beta: http://beta.futurelab.net. Although the site is not entirely finished yet (some functionalities have not been activated yet, and most importantly, only about 1/3 of the content has been added), we think we're ready for feedback.

Aside from toning down the yellowish green which will please many people we have focused on rich tagged content which is linked throughout the site, with new content categories such as videos, speakers-showcases and books by our contributors and associates.

The site will also reflect the changes and growth FutureLab is going through at the moment. Several new associates and partners have recently joined FutureLab, and several more are about to be added - the little worldmap on the frontpage is going to look very busy with all the dots. Also we will be adding a large number of cases, references and credentials over the coming weeks.

Please have a look and leave your feedback, comments, suggestions through the 'Feedback' tab you will find on the left side - or by mail.

On a sidenote - as soon as we have more or less finished the site, we will add a range of new contributors to our blogs as well - you will see lots of additional fresh and deep thinking here soon!

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