by: Dick Stroud

Sorry for such a detailed chart but it contains some fascinating data - click on the image to size a readable version.

The research comes from DDB Worldwide Communications Group and the report is available on BrandChannel.

DDB interviewed 1831 consumers and physicians in 11 countries (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, China, India, Australia, and Singapore) understand patient behaviours and attitudes. The type of questions asked related to:

  • How do people feel about their health?
  • How do those perceptions translate into attitudes and behaviours, especially concerning how they take care of themselves and interact with their physicians?
  • What are the social, behavioural, and psychological differences between patients who suffer from a pathological condition and those who have a lifestyle condition?
  • How the global economic crisis is affecting global health priorities
  • And so on ……

All things to do with health and wellness are very relevant to the 50-plus. It is a pity that the data was not also split by age but I guess that with a relatively small sample size that would be asking a bit much.

The chart shows what actions/interventions people are doing to help improve/stabilise their health.

I despair about the UK. What an apathetic bunch. Just look at the national differences in attitudes about exercising regularly. The UK has the lowest ranking (18%) compared with the average of 41%. Undoubtedly, there will be a huge difference by socio economic group but even so the attitudes of the Brits are dreadful.

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