by: Scott Goodson

I recently came across a new Cultural Movement: tokidoki (small t).

Not since the long lines in front of stores waiting to buy Michael Jordan sneakers have so many taste-makers lined up for tokidoki merchandise - shoes, clothes, toys - when a tokidoki item is launched in subcultural stores across the USA.

What is tokidoki?

It's a white hot culture. Made in American by an Italian designer from Rome. tokidoki ("sometimes" in Japanese) is the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand created in 2005 by Italian artist Simone Legno and his business partners Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold.

tokidoki produces apparel and other products using art and iconic characters designed by Simone Legno, including purses, t-shirts, vinyl figures, jewelry, and small toys.

In the the medical field, tokidoki is launching its first line of limited-edition scrub set! In a world of drab and generic medical uniforms, what’s a fashionista nurse to wear? tokidoki and koi have come to the rescue with a new limited-edition designer scrub set that’s sure to turn heads in the operating room and elsewhere.

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