by: David Armano

Several years ago, I gave this presentation at a blogging conference. I wanted to help people become better at blogging and I made a point which may or may not have been fully understood at the time. I suggested that we stop calling ourselves "bloggers".

My broader message was that unless the act of blogging itself was indeed your core passion—you should identify yourself more closely with what your true passion is—whether that be writing, sports, design, marketing or perhaps being a parent. Here's some more food for thought on the subject matter. A bit tongue-in-cheek, but maybe it can get us all thinking. Here's 10 reasons to stop calling yourself a "blogger":

1. People are only nice to bloggers because now, they have to be.
2. Blogger sounds like "booger". Ew.
3. Bloggers are so 2006. "Microbloggers" are the new bloggers.
4, Most successful bloggers have written a book. That makes you an author.
5. If you haven't written a book, you're just a blogger.
6. No one really wants you to blog about what they did at last night's party.
7. Blondes have more fun. Bloggers have more fights.
8. Bloggers are now respectable, like journalists and lawyers. Except no one trusts journalists and lawyers.
9. The word blogger rhymes with "jogger"—subliminally recalling images of head bands, knee highs and short shorts.
10. Bloggers only talk about blogging. You're more interesting than that.

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