by: Sigurd Rinde

(The great web 2.0 bear trap thingie)

Great times for start-ups indeed.

Use low cost and easy to use web apps and communication tools and all you need is a laptop and money for a cup of coffee at Starbucks... (OK, add some for a muffin or two to survive ;)

Cool. Interesting times etc.

But - one laptop and money for a muffin, start-up threshold approaching zero - that translates to a new and wildly agile business world!

And it has just started.

In a wildly agile reality - the ones already there better be extremely agile as well. They even have to be pre-emptively agile!

(And if you're just starting up, remember you'll be one of the "established" ones soon, better start preparing now :)

Focus laser-like on the product and technology and forget innovating the business model for a second - oops, who passed me with a whoosh?

[Update: Based on the notion that currently there is an equality between your product and the best-user-value - then somebody else delivers a different solution/product with a better user-value for the same issue your product addresses, then that equality evaporates.]

Use the head-start and the knowledge and relationships you have gathered to rethink, rebuild and tweak your business model - and that promptly.

But that is not as much fun to tinker with as with that neat technology, and definitely a tad more challenging, hard work, frustrating etc.

Do you really have a choice?

[Inspired by Niko and our discussion here.]

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