by: Iqbal Mohammed

It's not often that one comes across a application or a new tool that changes the way we have been doing things all our lives. E-mail changed the way people communicated. And 10x10 might just change the way we access and record news.

Every hour 10x10 scans the RSS feeds of prominent news sources like Reuters, BBC, New York Times, etc. It ranks the 100 most common words from all the sources put together and forms a 10x10 grid of pictures associated with the words. Clicking on a picture (or word) will open up all the linked stories.

The 10x10 grid is a unique, unbiased tapestry of what global issues the world faced at that hour. The tool, which requires no manual intervention at any stage, also archives all the hourly grids thereby leaving a trail for anyone to follow back in time and revisit (but only from November 2004, when 10x10 came into being.)

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