by: Sigurd Rinde

Business process management, document management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, management, management, management...

Managing is what you do to horses. Wielding a whip in the middle of the manège putting the horse through it's paces.


                                       Management at work, western style.

Yep, that's what enterprise software is still about; corralling chaotic processes.

But you cannot flog a dead horse so modern management consists of two parts:

1. Get the horses going, wake them up, aka "inspire the troops".
2. Get the whip out and manage whatever chaos you started.

Anybody heard of a car? Modern thing, a post horse contraption which you enter and drive. No need to wake it up, no need for a whip, no management involved.

Why on earth is enterprise software still in the horse and buggy mode?

Why manage customers when they can be included? Why manage suppliers and channels when they can be a part of the process? Why manage processes when they can be driven by the participants?

Set up the roads, prepare the vehicles - that's what enterprise software should offer.

Drive the business. Managing is for circus directors. Or cowboys.

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