by: Sigurd Rinde

Thanks goes to Tony C for the inspiration:

Business and organisations are social groups with a value creation purpose.

The value creation happens to tangible or virtual objects, from widgets and bikes to concepts and broken arms.

Sometimes it happens in very linear processes like when a car is built. The classic ERP value chain.

Sometimes it happens in more haphazard manners like when an idea metamorphoses into a film or a medical condition becomes cured. The typical BRP value chain.

Now, the last kind, the BRP value chain: It always involves people, in organisations or network of business, suppliers and advisors and the value chain is a collaboration, a social process. And most often it involves virtual objects like ideas, problems or medical conditions.

Solving a problem is often an effort to create a collective mental model and take it from there. The problem is socialised.

Thus the idea, a problem or a broken arm becomes a Social Object.

And problem solving, idea generation or curing sickness becomes a social value chain.

But the social object requires a conduit so it can move efficiently around, and the value chain requires a framework for it to efficiently fulfil it's purpose. That of course is where thingamy excels [blatantly tooting our own horn, but so what :)].

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