by: Sigurd Rinde

"Toilets are necessary but not sufficient for success in the telecommunication industry"

Succinctly delivered by Kjell Nordström of Funky Business fame.

Water, electricity, and toilets are necessary for any organisation. As are accounting programs, CRM, ERP systems and (with time) any state-of-the-art enterprise software application.

Those are the resources that any business can have, necessary but not sufficient.

To quote his co-author Jonas Ridderstråle:

"It's the ability to combine and recombine things that will make the difference, because most of the technologies, most of the raw materials, most of the knowledge is available in these increasingly efficient and increasingly global markets"

Why then are businesses spending so much on analysing, buying and installing better toilets, eh, contemporary enterprise software?

What they need is a tool that allows and strengthens the ability to combine and recombine. That's what they should focus on. Now.

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