by: Sigurd Rinde

Just have to add a snippet as "everybody" (latest is Dennis and James) discuss the ROI of blogging.

Agree heartily guys, and using my own experience it boils down to... cannot do without it.

Out-of-pocket investment is par with a good lunch, one lunch, then some time goes into it.

Time that I would have to spend anyway: Wonder, dream, analyse, discuss, try, test - I only choose to do it aloud - thus I get hundreds of co-creators pitching in ideas, criticism, suggestions, even testing. Could not do without it. Thank you all!

Allow me a quote from a quote (by Tom, and I do not even know his last name!) I got in a mail the other day looking from the outside at what I'm up to here:

"...the differentiator is that he is advocating and using something similar to an agile development method both for the software and the process. Whilst this is familiar to developers, I suspect that his business background means that he has independently realised that it is possible to develop processes or systems without great big top-down processes..."

Now, that's my return! A chap I never met puts it better than I could myself - just have to love it, thanks Tom, whoever you are.

In fact, blogging is the core of "agile business".

And as a nucleus is something you cannot do without - ROI becomes moot.

Unless "stiff business" is the preferred model :)

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