by: Dick Stroud

The UK press has given a “report from the Foreign Office” (a part of the UK Government) a lot of coverage. Strange that I can find no trace of the report or even the press release from the FO.

This coverage in Management Today is typical of what is being reported.

‘The Foreign Office is all for over-55s having fun on holiday’, said Foreign Office Minister Meg Munn (in a tone that suggested it couldn’t think of anything worse), ‘but it is crucial they make some simple preparations to help avoid encountering difficulties whilst abroad’. Like travel insurance and a full health check, for a start.

We’re used to Club 18-30 types bringing the UK’s good name into disrepute overseas – but with plenty of disposable income and lots of free time in which to spend it, clearly the older generation are fast becoming the ones to watch.

We think it’s about time these people grew up. And if they don’t, we can always take away their pensions.

This report from Reuters gives the most detail.

What I find really interesting is the way the press revels in this sort of report. Whether it is true or not is neither here nor there. I think it illuminates a deep seated desire for journalists to poke fun at older people. Why I wonder? Well here is Dick Stroud, the arm chair psychologist’s rationale. I reckon it is the child (journalist) getting pleasure from making fun of the parent (older people in the report).

Us older people can take a much more adult attitude. For heavens sake, everybody knows that the younger generation are drug and drink riddled, good for nothings, who would all benefit from a few years in military service!

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