by: Idris

There is a plenty of Experience Innovation happening
these days at the VW lab in Germany. They are working on a
just-for-kids navigation system. The prototype child navigation system
comes complete with GPS data, games and a time worm that eats away the
hours until arrival.

one that I really like is a device for drowsy driving (I really need
this one) and we all know it's one of the major causes of accidents.
The idea is to use sophisticated camera systems to read highway
markings and sound a gentle warning to alert the driver if the car is
drifting off. They are even thinking about allowing the computer to
perform a corrective action.

Most cars are equipped with electronic steering but have very
limited computer intervention. It usually provides just enough
assistance to improve handling. Cars that can take complete control
away from the driver is a frightening prospect.... but is a lifesaver
in aviation. The key challenge is how do we determine when the driver
is losing attention or intentionally jumping lanes while listening to
Hip Hop. As software engineers better learn such human performance,
they can use all sorts of signals to activate or disable the
system--body temperature, movement in the seat, hands on the steering
wheel, even eye movements. The hardware is all there, we're just
waiting for the software.

Now here is a good idea for Google. Google will provide the software
to alert the driver about his condition, using movement and
responsiveness etc. Then they will serve ads through the dashboard or
radio to remind you it's time for a coffee. Or you can pre-program your
trip with Google map and it will tell you about the local amenities
nearby in case you need them. Software is free for download except they
will provide you with the local ads. How's that? Google, if you are
interested call me this weekend!

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