by: Idris Mootee

Today's consumers have a large array of choices for brands, products and services. On top of that they have unprecedented any-time, anywhere, any-network, any-device access to information and content that comes from other consumers In this hyper-competitive, rapidly evolving environment, marketers must develop their differentiation based on experience because it is less replicable and more sustainable. It's true CX innovation starts from finding what customers want that's not currently available to them: these are customers' key unmet needs.

They are often unarticulated. (There are two schools on the role of the customer in innovation. One holds that all innovations start with contextual observation with the goal of uncovering and then filling an unmet need. The other school says that customers don't know what they need; at least until they see it, and sometimes a need doesn't even exist until a solution is available to fill it. This is known as marketing-driving innovation). They are not trends or any "hot" Web 2.0 features. In fact, by definition, any ideas that follow current trends aren't innovative at all. They are just fashionable. Many are confused between "fashion", "creativity" and "innovation."


  Success will come not just from delivering the hottest next-generation web 2.0 features and services, but from creating a customer experience that is consistently simple, uniquely personal, fully empowered and immediately valuable at every point of service. Your company's customer experience is the key to standing out from the pack and ensuring profitable relationships. Experience design becomes the fabric of new insight. Next month I will be speaking at the Blast Radius CX Innovation Summit on "Strategies for Discovering the Next Big Opportunity". I will demystify innovation and debunk dangerous assumptions about how breakthroughs happen and share a framework of managing purposeful innovation.The event is hosted by Blast Radius' CEO Gurval Caer. It is an intimate gathering of business and thought leaders converging around a single, powerful idea: EXPERIENCE-BASED DIFFERENTIATION. It is a private thought leadership forum on CX Innovation, an in-depth, two-day discussion of new strategies for delivering next-generation services and profiting from convergence. During the event, we'll examine new strategies; tactics and tools that are needed to compete and win. If you are interested you can contact Brian Mitchinson at Blast Radius and find out if your organization can qualify for an invitation.


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