by: Karl Long

Just read this over at JaffeJuice and Joseph extrapolates that the chance basically only 5% of people with the TV on are actually paying attention to advertisements. Wow, I thought it was only half of advertising that was wasted, we just didn't know which half

41.2% are channel surfing, 33.5% talking to others (in the room or on the phone) and 30.2% mentally tune out.

Anyway, I'm not sure how representative I am but I can't bare to watch television that is not time shifted in some way, in fact if I happen to channel surf and find something I want to watch i'll pause it, and go an do something else for a while and come back so I can watch it with the option to fast forward. Interestingly I do find myself on occasions rewinding if I see a movie trailer or something I'm interested in.

Source: BigResearch

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