by: Jon Miller

Here are 138 blogs that talk about B2B marketing, as well as a few that
focus on selling, search engine marketing, and copy writing. I will
update (add or remove) the list as I change the B2B marketing blogs
that I track.

Also, here's an OPML file of these B2B marketing blogs. (Right click and and save-as, then import to your reader). If you have a blog that is
relevant to B2B marketers and provides a unique perspective or content,
then let me know by linking here so I can add you to the list.

Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs

  • 10,000
    – ViaMetric's blog focuses on primarily on marketing
    accountability. The name: How do you eat 10,000 marshmallows? One at a time.
  • A PR Guy's Musings
    – Stuart Bruce writes about the science of public relations.
  • A Wider Net – All
    about fresh, new marketing technologies, from marketing agency Cramer.
  • Accelerating
    IT Sales
    – Barry Harrigan blogs about online strategies that shorten your
    sales cycle.
  • Achieve
    Market Leadership
    – Insights on opportunity analysis; strategy and
    planning; and operations and execution, by the Crimson Consulting Group.
  • Aggressive Small
    Business Marketing
    – Big thoughts, ideas and how-tos for aggressive,
    fast-growth businesses and the entrepreneurs who fuel them, by Michael Cage.
  • Anything Goes
    – Chad Horenfeldt shares tips and tricks to improve your online
    marketing skills.
  • Approvr Blog
    Topics in marketing operations, including managing proofing and approvals.
  • Arketi B2B Marketing
    – Podcast that covers news, ideas and best practices for
    business-to-business marketing professionals.
  • Ask Justin Hitt Blog
    – Addressing challenges faced by Sales and Marketing Management of
    industrial and high-tech business-to-business organizations.
  • B2B Email
    Marketing Best Practices
    – Tamara Gielen focuses on B2B email marketing
    from a doer's perspective.
  • B2B
    Growth Marketing
    - Bill Gilbert writes about moving high tech companies
    move from a technical focus to a customer-driven brand (inactive).
  • B2B Insight
    - Ephraim Cohen's writes about corporate communications and PR from a B2B
  • B2B
    – B2B market research consultancy focused on international
  • B2B
    Knowledge Sharing
    – Scott Gillum of MarketBridge blogs about the constantly
    changing world of B2B Sales and Marketing.
  • B2B
    Lead Generation Blog
    - Brian Carroll's blog focuses on B2B lead generation,
    sales leads, and marketing for the complex sale.
  • B2B Marketing
    – Loredana Niculae (based in Romania) shares her experiences on marketing
    topics for the B2B enterprises and more.
  • B2B
    - B2B marketing in England and Ireland
  • B2B Marketing
    Blog (German)
    – Warum technologieunternehmen die macht der marke entdecken
    sollten (Google translates as: Why technology enterprises should discover the
    power of the brand).
  • B2B Marketing
    Business And Consumer
    – Understanding the difference between B2B, B2C, and
  • B2B Marketing
    Communications 2.0
    – Pete Jakob writes that as B2B customers turn to the
    internet to support all stages of their buying process, B2B marketing needs to
    change its game - and fast!
  • B2B Marketing
    - Andy Hasselwander provides news and insights from across the
    B2B marketing landscape.
  • B2B Marketing ROI
    – Making B2B marketing as sexy as B2C, from Adam Blitzer at Pardot.
  • B2B Sales Solutions
    – Dale Underwood writes about B2B sales topics.
  • B2B SEO
    - Galen De Young blogs about Business-to-Business Search Engine Optimization.
  • B2B SEO Blog - Dave Martin
    shares ideas about internet marketing for B2B companies.
  • B2B Web Strategy
    – eMagine's blog about driving traffic, engaging visitors, conversion,
    measurement, and internet marketing.
  • B2Blog – Dave
    J uses his perspective as a marketer in the trenches to write about the
    dramatic changes affecting industrial marketing / B2B marketing.
  • –A
    pan-European community of business and industrial marketers.
  • Babcock & Jenkins
    Marketing thoughts from this direct and relationship marketing agency.
  • Bad
    – Todd Ebert tells the good, the bad and the ugly of B2B
    marketing, and gives ideas for on improving it.
  • Bark in B2B
    – Extraprise's corporate blog about B2B database marketing and
    marketing automation.
  • BeeToBee – Not a
    blog… like Digg for B2B Marketing. Check it out.
  • Better Closer Blog
    Bill Rice's blog gives tips and techniques that will have you turning more
    prospects into customers.
  • Bill Hartzer
    Bill writes about corporate website marketing and search engine optimization
    for B2B companies. (Bill's website is Corporate Website Marketing
    and his LiveJournal blog
    republishes press releases about Search Engine Optimization and B2B website
  • Biznology
    – Where business and technology come together (by IBM's search marketing
    expert, Mike Moran).
  • Blogfrey – From
    B-to-B branding and integrated marketing communications agency Godfrey.
  • Bluebird
    – Marketing best practices in from Tricia Reilly at Bluebird
  • Branding and
    – Chris Brown writes for business professionals with an interest
    in branding and marketing, with a focus on building awareness.
  • BriefingsDirect
    – B2B informational podcasts on information technology subjects moderated by IT
    analyst Dana Gardner.
  • B-to-B Tech
    Marketing Blog
    – Conversations about marketing to IT and developers by
    Pauline Beall of CMP Media (inactive).
  • Building a
    Sales Machine
    – Aaron Ross writes about accelerating growth, reducing
    uncertainty, and creating a predictable sales machine in the on-demand era.
  • Business of
    Marketing and Branding
    – David Koopmans writes about marketing and branding
    in the Information Age.
  • Business to
    Business Marketing News
    – From the Arketi Group, a marketing consultancy
    that helps business-to-business marketers generate revenue and accelerate
  • Buzz
    Marketing for Technology
    – Paul Dunay from BearingPoint shares innovative
    ideas and information for marketing technology companies.
  • cadenceblog
    Ideas, tools, and trends in IT B2B Marketing and Sales.
  • Click To Lead
    Michael Ortner of Capterra writes this guide to software marketing and online
    lead generation.
  • Crankshaw on
    Tech Marketing
    – Online marketing for B2B technology companies. Best
    practice and lean process.
  • Create Value
    – All about innovating in ways that matter to customers.
  • Customers Rock
    – Becky Caroll shares a B2B perspective on how businesses can make sure their
    customer experiences rock.
  • CustomerThink
    – Thought leadership about customer-centric business strategy from the folks
    formerly known as CRMGuru.
  • Dealing
    with Darwin
    - Geoffrey Moore (author of Crossing the Chasm and other books
    on high-tech marketing) writes occasionally about B2B marketing strategy.
  • Demandblog
    – Best practices in B2B demand generation.
  • Direct Connections
    – Howard Sewell writes about best practices & principles in direct response
    marketing for high technology companies.
  • Elevation: From
    Thought Leadership to Market Leadership
    – Britton Manasco helps companies
    develop and tell their stories of customer success.
  • Enterprise
    Software Executive
    – David Gearhart's blog is dedicated to helping
    enterprise software executives increase sales and improve marketing.
  • Freaking
    – Robert Rosenthal shares all types of marketing tips, including
    B2B marketing and lead generation categories.
  • Guerrilla
    – Michael McLaughlin helps consultants market themselves with
    breakthrough tactics for winning profitable clients.
  • HR Marketer
    A blog for companies who sell products or services to human resource (HR)
  • Hugo
    E. Martin
    – Developments in the area of print & online media,
    communication & PR, marketing, Internet & people business (English and
  • I Confess
    – Rob DeRobertis shares stories in B2B high tech marketing.
  • Idea
    – Daniel Sitter writes about better tips for selling.
  • Industrial Search
    Engine Marketing
    – Blog by ecreativeworks, a web design and search engine
    marketing /SEO firm focused on Industrial Marketing.
  • inmedia Public
    – Best practices in the marketing of technology
  • Internet Marketing Blog
    for Small Business
    – The guys at HubSpot share ideas to help businesses
    leverage modern marketing practices and the Internet for lead generation and
    increased sales.
  • Jim Logan's Blog – B2B
    Consulting and Copywriting
  • Knights on the Road
    Articles and book reviews about the new world of sales.
  • Know New
    – Ken Pulverman of Oracle shares how to use Web 2.0-based
    marketing techniques to reduce sales cost and cycle time.
  • Launch PR – Schneider
    Associates explores strategies to launch new products, services, companies, and
    Conversations on lead buying, including a blog and an open forum and wiki.
  • Life as a B2B
    Technology Marketer
    – Paul Woods is a Marketing Technologist based in
    Brisbane, Australia.
  • Manhattan
    Marketing Maven
    – Danny Flamberg shares practical hands-on marketing and
    advertising tips.
  • Marcom Writer Blog
    – Dianna Huff delivers news, riffs, and commentary on all things relating to
    B2B marketing communications.
  • MarketCapture Blog
    - An idea-exchange for B-to-B software marketing executives. Topics include
    marketing strategy, lead generation, and marketing metrics.
  • marketfusions
    – Shivonne Byrne's thoughts on strategy, business, marketing, content &
  • Marketing
    – Gary David comments on all things marketing, from the elementary
    to the profound.
  • Marketing in a
    Web 2.0 World
    – One marketer's quest to define, explore, experiment and
    determine the value of B2B Social Media Marketing and Marketing 2.0.
  • Marketing
    - Ardath Albee writes thought-provoking posts about marketing
    and sales integration, shortening sales cycles, and improving sales tools.
  • Marketing MO
    – Marketing tips from the trenches for B to B marketers, executives,
    entrepreneurs & consultants.
  • Marketing
    – Search Engine Marketing articles from Enquiro.
  • Marketing
    Operations at Work
    – Marketing Operations Partners blogs about the emerging
    discipline of Marketing Operations.
  • Marketing Productivity Blog
    – Jim Novo writes about moving from a low accountability to high accountability
    business model.
  • Marketing
    – Peter DeLegge blogs about marketing with special attention given to
    internet marketing and business-to-business marketing issues and trends.
  • Marketingland – Dutch
    B2B marketing and sales weblog, by Henri van den Hoof.
  • McBru Blog – From
    advertising and PR agency McClenahan Bruer Communications.
  • Mediapace
    From American Business Media, the association of business information
  • Modern
    B2B Marketing
    - Jon Miller shares Marketo's latest thinking about B2B
    marketing, from best practices in search engine marketing to lead nurturing to
    marketing accountability.
  • MSC
    – B2B sales ideas from Mike Carroll at MSC Marketing, a B2B
    sales and marketing consultancy. 
  • My Educated Guess
    –TechTarget’s Client Consulting Team blog about topics such as branding,
    positioning, and lead generation.
  • NxtERA
    Marketing Blog
    – Elana Anderson’s musings, ideas, and — sometimes — random
    thoughts about data-driven marketing.
  • One Riot - One
    – A discussion of interim management (flexible staffing) for B2B
    marketing functions by Charles Besondy.
  • Online Fluency
    – Helps business-to-business marketers understand blogs and social networks,
    from Makovsky + Company.
  • Opinionated
    – Maureen Rogers and John Whiteside share their opinions on marketing
    (not all B2B).
  • Out of my Gord
    Gord Hotchkiss blogs about Search Engine Marketing for B2B companies.
  • Pacifica Group
    – Sridhar Ramanathan writes about driving revenue growth for technology firms.
  • PowerPR
    - B2B Marketing
    – Business to business relations as they relate to
  • PPC b2b – News,
    articles and tips from the Web Marketing world.
  • PR2.0  – Brian Solis' blog fuses public relations,
    social media, and new media marketing.
  • Sales Tools and
    Sales 2.0
    - Fresh ideas and motivation to help sales professionals and
    managers sell more.
  • Rebecca Caroe
    Rebecca writes about business development, marketing and sales for marketing
  • RefreshWeblog
    – John Rasco blogs about B2B web marketing and SEO news.
  • Revenue
    - Kristin Zhivago's writes about revenue-increasing insights,
    strategies and techniques for CEOs and entrepreneurs.
    Ron shares his marketing advice.
  • Sales Itch – Ed
    McLean writes about the changing world of Sales, with occasional posts about
    sales-marketing alignment (inactive).
  • Sales
    Lead Insights
    - Mac McIntosh blogs about ways to boost your business with
    B2B marketing and B2B sales lead generation.
  • Savvy Internet
    – Pam Swingley discusses internet marketing for technology and
    B2B firms.
  • Selling
    to Big Companies
    – Jill Konrath's step-by-step guide for sellers who want
    to get their foot in the door of large corporations.
  • SEO-Space
    – Organic search engine marketing thoughts and insights with a B2B twist.
  • Shiblog
    Prescott Shibles shares B2B internet marketing and media insight.
  • ShopTalk
    – John Caddell gives a daily look at business-to-business marketing,
    highlighting trends, focusing on what works and what doesn't.
  • Simplenomics
    Mike Sigers blogs about sales, marketing and customer service the Simplenomics
  • Six
    Sigma Selling
    – Michael Webb writes about improving sales processes,
    including sales and marketing integration.
  • Small
    Business B2B Marketing
    – Scott Thompson occasionally writes about marketing
    trends & insight for small business-to-business companies.
  • Small Business
    – From, a business to business directory for small
    business marketing and corporate branding.
  • Starr Tincup
    – Starr Tincup is an integrated marketing firm for business-to-business
    software and services companies.
  • Startup-Marketing
    -- Working with Startup CEOs and Marketers to Explore the Keys to Startup
    Marketing Success, by Sean Ellis.
  • Stupid Marketing
    – Kevin Epstein promotes great marketing and shins a spotlight on the
    spectacularly stupid things that sometimes get committed in the name of marketing.
  • Stu's Blog:
    Success Stories to Grow Your Business
    – Marketing frameworks, best
    practices, and smart tactics for Demand Generation, Sales Optimization, and
    Customer Success.
  • SynaxisSpeaks
    – Applications of philosophy to marketing and branding.
  • The B2B Lead – Real
    world, practical B2B sales and marketing tips from ReachForce.
  • The Business Of
    Business Marketing
    –Mike Bawden writes about insights, information and
    advice on B2B marketing and brand building (inactive).
  • The Complex
    – Jeff Solomon’s Blog about sales lead management, software
    automation, business strategy & personal methodology.
  • The
    Credibility Branding Blog
    – Jennifer McLean blogs about accelerating sales
    through credibility.
  • The
    Innovative Marketer
    – Steve Gershik shares news and developments from the
    demand generation industry.
  • The Lonely Marketer
    – The small company Marketing Manager can be planning print advertisement and
    mailings in the morning and discussing blogs and optimization over lunch.
    Patrick Schaber discusses these topics and everything in between.
  • The
    Marketing Excellence blog
    – Eric Kintz of HP discusses key industry trends
    (such as the social web) and best practices in building the future Marketing
    function in the tech industry.
  • The Olin Report
    – Examination of customer acquisition strategy and tactics and the impact on
    sales and marketing process alignment.
  • The
    Scrappy Software Marketer
    – Andrew Kordek shares thoughts, expressions and
    general tidbits of being a scrappy software marketer.
  • The
    Social Media Marketing Blog
    – Scott Monty's perspectives on B2B
    implications of social media - the convergence of marketing, advertising and PR
    on the Web - for marketers, agencies and companies.
  • Todd
    – Todd is a B2B Internet marketing consultant for small to
    mid-market B2B companies in competitive industries with long and complex buying
  • Tyco Blog
    Tim Young, formerly of the B2B Lead Generation & Management Blog, writes
    about sales, marketing, and strategy for business owners and executives.
  • – Dave
    Wieneke writes about the intersection of online strategy and legal thought.
  • Velocity
    – All about marketing for B2B technology companies.
  • vSente's Blog
    –Ideas for waging and winning battles for market share, courtesy of Mike Smock.
  • Web Business Marketing
    – Aimed at the b2b marketing manager inside a technology-oriented
    company or non-profit organization.
  • WebMama's Look at the Web
    – WebMama, aka Barb Coll, focuses on search engine marketing for B2B companies.
  • WebMarketCentral
    –Tom Pick has been a b2b marketer since 1992, with an emphasis on
    research, writing, leadership and online marketing.
  • Writing
    Whitepaper's Blog
    – Michael A. Stelzner shares the latest trends in writing
    and marketing whitepapers.

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