by: John Caddell

10 (tie). "Consumed: Boxed Set (the Buddha Machine)," Rob Walker, New York Times Magazine, July 29. The story of the most innovative music package in recent memory.
10 (tie). "Beyond Pokémon: Nintendo DS Goes To School in Japan," Yukari Iwatani Kane. Wall Street Journal, July 11. Video games are not just for goofing around anymore.

9. "Do Startups Really Need Business Plans?" Kelly Spors. Wall Street Journal, January 9. Going against the conventional wisdom.

8. "How Managers' Everyday Decisions Create--or Destroy--Your Company's Strategy," Joseph Bower and Clark Gilbert. Harvard Business Review, February.

7. "How Leaders Create and Use Networks,"
Herminia Ibarra and Mark Hunter. Harvard Business Review, January.
There were several fascinating articles on using personal networks this
year. This was the best.

6. "Strategic Insight in Three Circles," Joel Urbany and James Davis. Harvard Business Review, November. Creating and communicating a strategy using a Venn diagram.

5. "The Value Captor’s Process: Getting the Most out of Your New Business Ventures,"
Rita Gunther McGrath and Thomas Keil. Harvard Business Review, May.
Companies can do a lot better with products that don't make the final
grade, if they employ some basic tactics to get value from them.

4. "Can a Company Be Run As a Democracy?"
Jaclyne Badal. Wall Street Journal, April 23. The subject of a growing
number of articles this year. Perhaps this is telling us something.

3. "A Leader's Framework for Decisionmaking,"
Dave Snowden and Mary Boone. Harvard Business Review, November. How to
navigate the maze of business problems, from simple to chaotic, using the Cynefin framework.

2. "Poisoned Toothpaste in Panama Is Believed to Be From China," and other articles by Walt Bogdanich et al. on the subject of tainted Chinese products. New York Times, May-October.

1. "At the Pentagon, an 'Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure,'"
Jonathan Karp. Wall Street Journal, May 14. How one part of the US
government uses stories of "worst practices" to help guide people in
their ethical decisionmaking.

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