by: David Polinchock

While I think that I give pretty good presentations, I am known to be a
little long-winded at times. So it was a real challenge for me last
week when I presented at the NY Advertising Club Meetup and I had just
5 minutes to present. So I squeezed six points into those 5 minutes and
got a very good response from the audience. Sparked some good debate
too, which I always enjoy doing! So, here were the points I made and if
you want to hear the stories behind these points, you’ll have to see my
next presentation!

  • Authenticity & Transparency are keys to brand experiences
  • Socialization of place
  • Interactivity isn’t just online and doesn't always involve technology
  • Those that don’t know history are destined to think everything they do is new
  • Either the consumer in control or they’re captive. They can’t be both
  • Reach & frequency are the “buggy whip” of the advertising industry

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