by: Alain Thys

Based on some of the work we've been doing in the area of marketing accountability, I got invited to do a few hour inspiration session at Masterplan 2007 in Bucharest. As I was tiring of the "Marketing has an image problem" drill, I decided to take a different direction. 

"If marketing is such a dishonerable profession", I thought, "then let's establish a code of honour" (Click image for presentation).

The next thing I knew 120 rapid-fire slides found their way into my PowerPoint presentation which built on an earlier idea I had: a Bushido for marketers. For background, the Bushido was the - Chinese inspired - code of honour by which Japanese Samurai lived (and died), yet which also can be found across Asia.

I realise that the 7 values I came up with are probably anyhing but complete, and I already want to change some things. Still, I have uploaded a summarised short version of my work in progress which perhaps may offer you some food for thought.

There will also be a fully annotated version of the complete Marketer's Bushido, but I'm told I should charge some money for that :-) ... coming soon.

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