by: Alain Thys

I have just been on what I can only describe as a 'Romanian roller coaster'.  Two days of non-stop meetings, a keynote on a conference of planners, a 4 hour inspiration session with 50 marketers (90% women :-), a TV show, a dozen interviews and more conversations than I can remember.  And this all while a few months ago I didn't even know that there was an event called Masterplan 2007, taking place in Bucharest.

And while I enjoyed the breakneck speed, I was once again amazed by the raw enthusiasm, drive and and eagerness to try new things which exists east of the rusted curtain.

They may often be 20-something and they may lack the skills and infrastructure today, yet in a way that only puts them ahead in the race of tomorrow.  After all, if you have nothing to "unlearn" you are able to actively cherry-pick from the 25% of our marketing wisdom which actually adds to the bottom line (OK, let's give Wannamaker his dues ... 50%).

And cherry-pick they do.  If I have conversations in Shanghai which trade off TV and Word-of-mouth.  If Russians and Ukranians talk to me about advertising relevance and Indians can come with 95% accurate predictions of the impact of advertising on sales, I know that when these people have another ten years of experience under their belt, their thinking will be well ahead of some "revered" yet cynical/sedated marketers I have encountered in the West.

Sorry America, but I think it's time the Western marketing community starts taking "Eastern thinking" a bit more serious.  They deserve it.

PS. Thanks for your time and support to Alex, Mirela, Christian, Dana, Bogdana, my "boss" Andreea :-) and all those who's names escaped my memory ... I look forward to seeing you soon.

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