By: Stefan Kolle 

A Youtube user spotted a testrun of the new in-video advertising system Google/Youtube are apparently testing. The good news - it seems un-intrusive and user-friendly. It avoids the problem that many pre-roll ads have - if you watch a couple of videos in a row, you get the same ad over and over again, which can get pretty annoying - and therefore totally counterproductive for the advertiser.

Watch the video below. 

This, by the way, can be the weakness of any targeted advertising - if I'm looking at a lot of content within a certain category, I might get overwhelmed with the same message. Proper ad-management systems take this into account, but might not get around me for instance not allowing cookies.

I guess this bar in my screen can get a little bit annoying too, but at first view it seems unobtrusive enough.  

Here it is:


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