by: David Armano

Actually, I'm not going to speculate on the future of advertising.  Truth is--I've never created an Ad in my life.  Well certainly not in the traditional sense, but in many ways not digitally either.  But check out what some digital heavyweights have to say in this video:

Steven Marrs – Vice Chairman & Global Head of Digital & Branded Content, Nitro
Clark Kokich – Worldwide President, Avenue A/Razorfish
Nick Law – Chief Creative Officer, North America, R/GA
Torrence Boone – President Boston, Digitas

My favorite quote comes from the R/GA Nike Running case study.

"A completely new category where the product, the online experience and the marketing are inseparable" 

Hmmm.  I'm no scholar--but that actually sounds plausible in terms of what "advertising" could look like in the future.  I guess we'll have to wait and see to find out for sure.  Check out the panel when you have some downtime, it's pretty interesting.  On a personal note, I was happy to see that some of my team's work made it into the Digitas demo reel featured in the first few minutes.  Our work for GameTap doesn't reflect what's on their current site right now--but at least it lived for nearly a year and was captured on the reel.  Shout out to my former teammates in Chicago!

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