by: Lynette Webb

I really like this quote because, to me, it explains in a nutshell how “tagging” - which has emerged as one of the Web 2.0 standard functionalities - is connected to the broader long-term direction of web development.

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If you’re not familiar with the Semantic Web concept see Tagging is the practice of assigning a kind of label to something online – like a photo (flickr), a webpage (delicious), an email (gmail), a blog post (any of the big blog tools now), etc. The same item can be tagged by multiple people differently, thus building up a description of what the item embodies in a form that gives it greater meaning when it comes to search thanks to the “wisdom of the crowd”.

We’re still a way off from the semantic web in its full glory, but we’re starting to get a glimpse.

Original quote from April 9th 2007 Business Week article
Photo thanks to Dotpolka 

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