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And one final quote from the same article that I couldn’t resist. I was reminded of this last weekend when listening to Jonathan Ross on radio 2… he was talking about how nowadays he seldom listens to the end of any song, he’s always fast-forwarding to the next. I’m the same and I guess it’s fairly common. The only bad thing is that iTunes hasn’t quite caught up with that behaviour yet.

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They have a playcount feature that’s actually pretty useful when it comes to generating playlists BUT (at least as of 6 months ago when I last investigated) it only adds to to the counter if you listen all the way to the end of the song. Really annoying, they should give you the option of setting it to count as soon as you get halfway through or something.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the quote in full:
“Surfing someone's iPod is not merely a revelation of character but a means to a rich personal narrative, navigated by click wheel. At one point the universal goal of the literate was to write the Great American Novel. Then the Great American Screenplay. And now, the Great American iTunes Library…. The iPod scroll bar has changed the chemistry of listening and now we're a skip-forward generation”

Quote from Newsweek

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