by: Karl Long

Of all the various social networking, citizen media, digg like things going on, appeals to me a great deal. Essentially it is a site that allows people to share stories about companies and how their policies are effecting the world, and people can vote on the “importantness” of the stories.

Refreshingly it is not just a muckraking site that collects negative stories, but provides a way to talk about the positive impact companies have as well. Looks like early days for this site, but I do think they have a good foundation in place, good design, clear mission, motivated members - they just need critical mass.

On Dotherightthing, you can:

  • Share information that you discover about companies’ impacts on people and the world
  • Learn about the activities of companies directly from people and rate the impact of the important ones
  • Track the “social performance” of companies in real time

I would be interested to understand what their business model could be, there is no advertising on the site, maybe they could become a crowdsourced consultancy helping, or a clearing house for company ratings kind of like a credit reporting agency.

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