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A few months ago the guys at Interbrand compiled their list of the 100 most valuable brands, and now 2007 has come we're turning it upside down again, by looking at the online relevance of the brands listed.   As last year, the methodology is - in our own opinion - still open for improvement, yet while we wait for decent and reliable metrics, the results remain interesting to say the least.

The main message we find is that, once again, there is very little correlation between the rank a brand holds in the Interbrand list and it's online relevance.  There is, on the other hand quite some movement in the Futurelab 100 itself, with the biggest jumps underscoring that some brands are apparently "getting it" and some "don't".

The PDF with the complete listing you can find here. 

We won't go into a lenghty analysis, yet want to congratulate LG which jumps 30 spots to number 6, making them the fasters riser in the list (though Samsung isn't too far behind).  At the same time we'd also like to send a little wake-up call to the guys at Honda, Pepsi and Nike, as they're dropping about twenty spots each.

Also a big thank you to Stefan, Alex and Minke for the number crunching in putting this list together.

In six months we hope to do the next version, so stay tuned !

For comparison, and more explanation on the methodology used, see the previous version of the FL 100 

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