By: Karl Long

For many years web design was an unnatural paring of graphic design, software design and product design, all of these disciplines assumed that there was an endpoint that was “done”.

We’re going to build the site, like we’re going to build a monolith, in some cases a monument that would stand for a long time and would work just as designed.I really think building a rich invective web site is more like running an ongoing innovation process, where you are basically managing a portfolio of features, some work and are built upon, others wither and die. In the realm of web 2.0 the idea of constant beta is often talked about but in the end it’s not a 2.0 thing, it’s a web design thing.

YouTube has now started a thing called Test Tube which is there Idea Incubator and treat their site as an ongoing innovation project. I wonder if google’s concept of Google Labs is what influenced this.

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