by: Alain Thys

I'm preparing for a speech I'll be giving at the Marketing 3 conference in the Netherlands where I'll be "über-coolly" flanked by Chris Anderson, Stefan Engeseth and Ilya Vedrashko (makes me wonder what they were smoking when they called me :-) While I won't use this video, I did want to bring it to your attention, as it elegantly brings home a point I've been making for a while, possibly related to the mid-life anxiety of just turning 40 :-)

But still, did we really all join the wonderful marketing trade to shuffle GRP's, bicker over budgets and chase yet another piece of mindless creative which no one cares about, except perhaps a few media sellers only who pretend to like us anyway ? 

Or did we join it to make a difference ? To use the millions at our disposal to really do something useful in the process as well. To really affect people, even only in a little way.

Is this what you would want your kid to say? I know my answer ... what's yours ? Think and decide. Wake up !!

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