While green is already the dominant colour of the futurelab look and feel, we also want to bring some further colour to our content.  To that effect we would like to welcome Michael Hoexter as our second "green" blogger to our stable of contributors.Michael is a green sales and marketing professional with a background in psychology, more particularly linguistics and semiotics.  This means he approaches marketing by looking at the degree in which the sometimes unspoken assumptions of a brand can get in the way of actually communicating it's strategy or message to the market place.

Having been involved in software, conventional auto sales as well as green activism, he has seen both sides of the environment fence and this allows him to bring a perspective to green markets that sees both the reasons why people don’t do “the right thing” as well as why they do.

We're happy to have Michael "on the team" and look forward to his thoughts.  We hope you do the same.

For all his posts, please click here !

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