by: David Armano

Remember the Dotcom burst?  I do.  I specifically remember things like clients asking for content management system enabled Websites when they didn’t need one. Or better yet—choosing the wrong system.

I remember the abuse of Flash (skip intro anyone)?  I even remember co-workers back in the height of the bubble saying things like “this will make your site sticky”—when the experience of the site was about buying something quickly vs. hanging around it.  And who can forget about scalable?  Oh yeah and let’s throw in seamless for good measure hold the ROI.

Thankfully those days are over.  So let’s learn from them.  Today’s marketing mix has it’s own challenges.  RSS feeds, Podcasts, Blogs, Viral content—it all sounds so yummy and immediately gratifying.  Just like fast food.  But We all know what fast food leads to.  Putting together a marketing mix that looks like “one Social Media Network with a side of Viral, hold the mayo”—may not be the best thing for your business and brand.  And the stakes are high.

Here’s a few things to think about as you plan your 2.0 marketing strategy:
What percentage of your customers are using these platforms regularly?
What is the plan to maintain something like a blog? (they require a lot of effort—trust me)
How transparent are you willing to be?
How will you deal with negative feedback?
How will these channels compliment the traditional/digital ones?
What will make your effort genuine vs. feeling "staged"?

I know there is more, but just think of this as a little fast food for thought.  The marketing media landscape is changing, but it’s best to combine calculated experimentation with strategic planning vs. the “midnight munchies” approach to selecting tactics.

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