by: David Armano

Yet another stab at the blog levels of influence idea.  There are multiple ripples overlapping, happening in a three dimensional space—in real time.  If this were animated, the ripples would not dissapear, but radiate.   However more recent ripples would come into focus as new thoughts, conversations, and interactions happen over time.



Influenced by:

"it's a model - but one that should recognize a lot of other overlapping ponds. {worm holes might be another analogy)."
Craig Lefebvre

"One thing that I did wonder in your diagram was whether it was true that there was only one pool of influence… "

"The sphere (blog) has a pulse from the inside, various sizes, various intensities and frequencies... making ripples, or making waves."

"My guess is that it's more 3D than that (with time as another axis?) but this is a really good start"
Seth Godin.

"One conceptual problem I have with the ripple concept is ripples disappear, where as the ripples in the blogosphere form permanent records of memes and ideas."
karl long

"The influence sphere is constantly changing."

"It strikes me that topics simultaneously appear across the blogosphere ... in a zeitgeist kind of way -- resulting in the emergence of conversational topics that begin, leap and skip from one blog to another.
Gavin Heaton"

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