by: Dick Stroud 

Why do people always have to come up with a daft sounding name when they research the 50-plus market? This article in Australia’s The Age is about the overlooked, underappreciated older bloke.

I quote from the article:

research by two Melbourne academics suggests the humble "greydollarfella" could soon rival the sought after metrosexual as a target for retailers and marketers.

Researchers from Monash University's Australian Centre for Retail Studies and Deakin University say that retailers who concentrate on the over-catered metrosexual and female sector are selling such men short. In the US, these unassuming shoppers have been identified as a powerful buying group.

The "greydollarfella", until now a silent shopper, deserved more attention. After all, he has more discretionary income than his younger counterparts, has significant equity in or owns his home and is likely to be computer literate, and own a new car.

In Japan, the Isetan department store had older men in mind when it redesigned its shop with a comprehensive but smaller range. Following the renovation, sales were reported to be 30 per cent up on the previous year.

In Germany, a shopping centre in Hamburg created a "maennergarten" — a place where men could gather, eat and watch TV while their wives shopped. It seems this has been a successful venture.

OK, marketers go for it – the 50-plus man.

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