by: Dick Stroud 

Creston (a marketing agency) has published an interesting report about the way young people use communications channels and its impact on marketing.

 The report is definitely worth downloading. It is really well written and whilst it makes a great job of stating the obvious it has some important marketing messages.

The two charts show how the use of the internet, as a source of impartial information, is used by the different age groups. This shows the usual decline post 65+. I was struck how little difference there is up to the age of 54. In truth I suspect there is little difference up to the age of 60.

The other chart shows the propensity to use multiple channels. You might well ask why do you want to use multiple channels but that is a different question. This chart shows a more dramatic change by age. Since this data is self-reported it might well result from the difference in accuracy of reporting between the different ages. However, there is a serious message from this chart that not only do younger people use different channels they do use them simultaneously.

OK, now for the gripe. Dear Mr Creston, I assume you want people to read your report so I suggest that you mend the link to it on your .com site that gives a 404 error. Secondly, why do you make it so difficult for people like me to read and distribute the content of your report? It is not a good idea to put PDF documents on your web site that cannot be printed or be copied!

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