by: Karl Long

Finally, a new feature on YouTube hints at how they may capitalize on their amazingly productive community.

Essentially I just saw this at the end of a clip, which is a dynamic interstitial at the end of the clip that points me to other clips on YouTube. Granted, this is not commercial, money making advertising yet, but it will be.


With over 100 million videos being watched a day, I think it’s pretty important for YouTube to use an advertising mechanism that fit how people watch their movies. A dynamic ad insertion mechanism seems critical for their clips for two reasons, lots of their clips are hosted on blogs and myspace, and secondly, social video and viral video transcend time. A viral video may receive a viral spike, but in a classic instance of the long tail the majority of a clips viewership will be in the weeks, months and years following it’s success. Dynamic ads mean that YouTube can put “time relevant ads” in their shows, and capitalize on the “lightning strike” phenomenon of viral video, as in you can’t predict it. I mean, who the hell would have imagined that “the evolution of dance” would have been watched by 29 million people over the course of 3 months?

BTW just for fun check out this amazing monty python/star trek mashup, it’s hysterical.

And a nice bonus of the short version of The Big Lebowski edited down to only the times that they say fuck.

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