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The cluetrain had it right when it said the markets were conversations, and Scoble had it partially right when he said the next web was a human web (I say partially right because it’s a human web right now). What is catapulting the web into the 21st century is not the technology, not the ajax, not the SOA, it’s the people, or more accurate the propensity of people to be social, and interact.

A term that i’m seeing gain more currency, and IMHO is more meaningful and inclusive than 2.0 is “social”, social media, social advertising, social media marketing, social software, even social video. Meda is a great term, media being the collective term for medium, a medium being something that “occupies a middle position” “a means of effecting or conveying something”, so the web is a “Social Medium”? The tools collectively “Social Media”?

What better describes youtube, flickr, delicious, digg, magnolia, myspace, tagworld, facebook, furl, frappr, zooomr, SecondLife, blogs, podcasts, wikis, citizen media, WOM, peer production, crowdsourcing, vlogs, viral advertising, rocketboom, zefrank?

Social Media or Web2.0?

It’s more than technology, it’s technology and people making stuff happen, the web is a massive socio-technical system. Take Google for example, it’s a huge social engineering experiment on the wisdom of crowds, it is in fact a social search engine because it relies primarily on what people link to.

Do you think the Long-Tail has anything to do with Web2.0? No it doesn’t, it relies upon people being more networked, more connected, it relies upon Social Media.

So please, i beg of you next time your going to add 2.0 to anything, think “is it social?” are people driving it? .

Who talks about social media:
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(both part of socialmedia group)
Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb
Chris Carfi at The Social Customer Manifesto
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How about it guys, is this the beginning of a social-media manifesto, are you in?

Oh, and Andrew, this is as much 2.0 as my second coffee this morning was 2.0

Sidenote: What happened to the, it’s down right now? Anyone? Anyone?

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