by: Lynette Webb

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Another from Gianpaolo Faprisco in Italy, with thanks to "The Great" ;-) Andrea Ercoles for the graphics. Keep them coming guys! (and I will even spell your names right in future!)

The sources for all these examples is one of my favourite blogs. We Make Money Not Art. It's worth a browse if you've not come across it before, it's not only advertising, it covers all sorts of unusual things. Basically, if it's unusual or interesting, and involves some element of creativity, they seem to pick it up.

In Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, recycled advertising billboards serve as rain covers on the tents of earthquake refugees

Ogilvy Belgium has launched a talking billboard in their campaign for Ford. The interactive poster reacts to their presence of who's standing in front of it. The voice and facial expressions of the guy in the poster are controlled by an actor hidden in a booth nearby.

Japanese company promotion campaign spotted in Osaka
Spotted on flickr by Las Insolitas Aventuras del Pez.

Apparently, sheep are now wearing advertising jackets somewhere in The Netherlands. 

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