by: Karl Long

YouTube may be an upstart but it is going to get killed if it doesn’t find a way to compensate the content creators, because the content creators will follow the money in a heartbeat.

The Diet coke + mentos team has made $15,000 from it’s viral video being viewed on, as reported on Why? Because revver has figured out how to monitize viral videos by sticking a one frame ad at the begining of movies it serves and it splits the money with the content creator (update: people that share the movie on their blogs or on myspace also get paid).

Their may not be a big sucking sound yet, but why would people like askaninja and the like give their shit away and drive traffic to youtube, and have to resort to selling t-shirts? Seriously Askaninja, i’m asking, why would you stay with youtube if revver can ply you some cash?

Update: Holy crap, they’re also paying people to share the content, say goodbye youtube, your days are numbered.

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