by: Alain Thys

In stead of prosecuting illegal downloaders, music companies in fact should be celebrating them as their dearest customers.  That, at least, is the conclusion of a British research by market watcher The Leading Question.

According to their findings, active P2P users spend almost 4.5 times more on buying legal music than their non-P2P counterparts (£5.52 vs. £1.27 per month).  Only 4% of users being interested in "having more than 1000 songs to take a long".  Together with some similar researches in the US, it would appear that the myth of artist-robbing, CD-ripping and malicious P2P pirates is finally crumbling (at last).

There is one snag though.  P2P users do buy their music online (via Napster, iTunes, ...) and don't bother with CD's any more.  This of course, still doesn't fit the record label business model.

Interesting times.

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