by: Alain Thys

Remember the days when your kids was asking for the latest pair of Nike's or the latest CD from that rock band you never heard of before?  While, life has moved on and the shift hasn't really be gradual.

According to the Buzz Marketing Group of New York, which track consumer behaviour among teenagers and children, the fashion craze which was still nearly complete among US teenagers in 2003, a year later 63% wanted technology items under the Christmas tree.

And while the good 'ole Nike's were still about about $100 in purchase value, now hot sellers like iPods can go up as high as $450, making parents dig ever deeper into their wallets.

And that they are doing so is a fact.  Another survey, by NOP World, found that 18 per cent of boys aged 13-17 owned an MP3 player and 37 per cent had their own DVD-player.

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