by: Alain Thys

If you thought new media and technology trends was for the kids, think again.  A recent study by Pleon has revealed that more than 90% of European internet users of all ages also sport at least one other multi-media device.  54% have two and 35% own three or more.

Yet the surprise is that in contrast to "common wisdom" that it's the young ones who are most "tech savvy",  it's the 30-49 year olds that are driving the techno boost, in which the top three involve multimedia & smart phones, MP3 players and game-consoles.    In fact, consumers over 30 constitute the "heaviest users" of digital devices & services (60%).

According to pleon this has major ramifications for the marketing & communication industries, who need to start looking at digital media pronto ... I can only agree.

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