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Converting the Converted, and Other Tricks of the Light -- Adrants

by: David Polinchock

Love this story from Brian Collins to describe what a brand is and how it should act. He always has great examples! Read the full article for other great stories that Brian told during the One Show presentation.

On Wednesday at the One Show Festival, design guru Brian Collins illustrated the power of branding with a history lesson about pirates.

Or rather, just their flag.

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Three Lenses to Look at the Emerging Discipline of Service Design

by: Idris Mootee

There were lots of talks around Software as a Service and it is actually becoming part of a major transformation of the software industry, and yet many still don’t fully understand what it takes to capture these opportunities.

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Shouldn't Every Employee be a Brand Ambassador?

I was doing an interview for a new book about experiential marketing and I was asked about the importance of brand ambassadors.  My response was that while they were certainly very important when you were doing marketing events, the truth is that there shouldn't be a select group of brand ambassadors. Every employee that you hire should be a brand ambassador. We've written about the importance of retail in the past and updated our thoughts:

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What Schools of Design Are You from? What Is a Designer: Objects, Functions, Meanings?

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Micro Interactions + Direct Engagement

by: David Armano

So here's a presentation I gave recently to a client. I'm thinking through the concepts of "Micro Interactions" and "Direct Engagement".

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Spy Tech: from Interactive Museums to Serious Games

by: Eliane Alhadeff

Spy Museum - Your Mission: Learn the Craft of Espionage Through Top-Secret, Interactive Exhibits.

In an age of Google, YouTube and Sony's PlayStation, museums have to work a lot harder to make subject matter culturally relevant to young people.

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Elevator Design Rooted in Deception

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Brand Interactions Are the Future: But Are Interaction Designers Part of Your Agency?

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Better than Google Search, Better than Ask Search

by: Scott Goodson

The quality of search engines will change and get better and more user friendly.

Here is one that I LOVE. Feels a little like the nav you get on Apple itunes. But it's very cool.

Check it out here.

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Change Is...

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