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The Future of Customer Experience Management

Christopher Meyer and Andre Schwager’s February 2007 Harvard Business Review article “Understanding Customer Experience” brings, perhaps for the first time, the topic of customer experience management (CEM) to the senior management plane. While, overall, the article is quite good, one thing stuck out like a sore thumb — the authors’ definition of the term:

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Meet Ed: Experience Diamond

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I Digg Dell

By: Stefan Kolle 

Dell lately really seems to get it. After their Direct2Dell blog was launched last year, helping to ease a lot of the DellHell pain, now Dell Ideastorm has been launched. Ideastorm allows visitors to make suggestions to improve the Dell experience.

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Flashback: Bone Fone

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A Comment on Comments

By: Guy Kawasaki

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Q110 – Die Deutsche Bank der Zukunft in Berlin

by: David Polinchock

While I was in Chicago last week for the RAC conference, Michael Robinson from Anthropologie asked me if I knew about the Q110 bank in Berlin. I hadn't heard about it and he sent me over the link today. This is the "future-banking" concept store from DeutscheBank and it's really pretty damned cool.

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avatars roam across other people's wii games

by: Lynette Webb


Click image to enlarge.

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Cool 2.0 Ideas Executed With 1.0 Mindset

by: Karl Long

Nike has done some very exciting things with its Nike + campaign. If you’re not familiar basically Nike has created a little device (an accelerometer you put in your shoe) for the iPod nano that reports back how far you have run, your pace etc.

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The Architecture of Banking

by: Alexander Osterwalder

Today I was invited to Professor Jeffrey Huang’s class on “The Architecture of Banking” to comment on his students’ projects at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL).

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The Top Ten Stupid Ways to Hinder Market Adoption

by: Guy KawasakiiStock_000000265146XSmall.jpg

Here’s a compilation of silly and stupid ways companies are hindering adoption of their products and services. I must admit, some of the companies that I’ve invested in have made these mistakes—in fact, that’s why I know these mistakes are (a) silly; (b) stupid; and (c) hinder adoption.

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