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Why Global Brands Find It So Difficult To Respond to Their Ageing Customers

I have been in the ageing business for at least a decade - probably a bit longer. During that time I have seen a lot of changes to the way companies respond to growing number of older customers BUT I have seen the same old mistakes made time and time and time again.

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Failed CurrentC

According to an article in NFC World about MCX’s mobile wallet (to be named CurrentC):

“Consumers will benefit from using CurrentC in four main ways: 1) Save money with valuable coupons and offers; 2) Earn rewards from participating merchant loyalty programs; 3) Pay simply; and 4) A more secure way to pay.”

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Unilever Engaging Third World Marketing in Austerity Europe

It has been a long time coming. I have been writing about the ultra-fragmentation of the markets for at least a year. Now it is going mainstream with the announcement from Unilever’s head of European business that - "Poverty is returning to Europe”.
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Apple Executives Have Balls of STEEL!

The world is all in a frenzy with the launch of the iPad. Even I could not help but get caught up in the madness. I have been reading a whole host of articles covering the iPad launch, ranging from New York Times tech columnist David Pogue’s schizophrenic review, marketing linchpin Seth Godin’s marketing angle, and blogging actor Stephen Fry’s heart felt “why buy” (loved him in V for Vendetta) and Fastcompany’s “don’t buy” reality check. And these are just a small snap shot of all the articles I’ve been tracking!

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User Centered Innovation Is Dead

With a cheeky little link to Tom Kelly’s The Art of Innovation, Roberto Verganti (author of Design Driven Innovation) suggests in not so many words that User Centered Innovation, IDEO’s claim to fame, is dead.

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Don Norman Believes Technology Comes First, User Needs Last. What?

Yep. That’s what Donald Norman (of Design of Everyday Things fame) wrote in his latest essay on his blog. You get the gist of his view in this introductory paragraph:


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Customer or Consumer, Who Are You Really Designing for?

Many of us have been taught in design school to be very user focused when seeking design solutions. However if you have been in the industry as long as I have, there is this insidious sickness that tends to influence this fundamental approach we have with design.

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An Edible Tech Solution

Imagine getting hit with a food or drink craving while you're sitting in your seat at a sporting event. The seat cost you close to a left lung, so you don't want to waste a lot of time walking to the concession stand (and dealing with all of your fellow sports fanatics). So you text your order on your phone, and it appears before you a short time thereafter.

Sound like a great idea, right? To experience it, you'd have to be a fan of the Salt Lake City Real major league soccer team, and have bought your seat at Rio Tinto Stadium in sunny Sandy, Utah.

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Marketing In A Post-Consumer Era

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The Secret to Successful Innovation for CPG Companies Is Knowing How to Fail Early, Fail Cheaply. P&G Knows It Is Important to Master the Art of Failing.

by: Idris Mootee

Here’s another innovation from a Japan’s sake (Japanese wine) company. Japan’s younger generations tends to look at nihonshu (what they think of as Japanese sake) as “oyaji-kusai,” which translates in the nicest way possible as “reminiscent of a middle aged man.” 75% of young women aged 20-30 hardly ever drink them and the Sake Brewer’s Association is trying to to fix this. This is not just an image problem, it is also the product.

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